Why Soy Wax Candles?

We love cocktails,

We love candles,

But most importantly, we love quality!

At Wixology Candle Company, we are dedicated to using the best ingredients we can find to make clean burning, great smelling, and sustainable candles.  When we were developing Wixology, soy wax was the perfect fit…here’s why:

#1: Soy wax is made from vegetable oil.  Unlike paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum oil, our candle wax is made from soybeans grown in the United States.  By using soy wax, we are supporting U.S. farm communities and renewable materials.  Note: We use 100% soy wax, not a mixture of soy and other waxes.

#2: Soy candles burn cleaner than paraffin candles.  As a result, there is less black soot, which can discolor walls, furniture and stain other household items.

#3: Soy wax is water soluble. If you have ever spilled regular wax, you know it can be extremely difficult to clean, but soy wax is water soluble, which allows it to be easily cleaned with water and a little mild soap.

#4: Soy wax burns cooler and slower.  Since soy wax typically has a lower melt point than paraffin wax, soy candles burn longer before being depleted; adding hours of enjoyment to each candle.

#5: Soy wax is “scent”sational!  The consistency of soy wax allows for a strong, stable scent throw, keeping your home smelling great.

However, not all soy wax is created equal.  We believe we use the best soy wax available.  It is GMO-free, Kosher certified, and sourced exclusively from U.S. farms; now, that’s what we call a trifecta!

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