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Are you looking to take your candle game to the next level? Look no further because we have three must-have candle care accessories that will keep your Wixology Candles burning beautifully.

Wick trimmer

First up, we have the wick trimmer. Sure, you could trim your wick with scissors, but why be basic when you can be extra? A wick trimmer not only cuts the wick but also catches the trimmed wick, preventing it from falling into the wax and creating a fire hazard. Plus, they come in endless designs that will make you feel like a true candle connoisseur.

Candle Snuffer

Next on the list is the candle snuffer. You could just blow out your candle, but that creates smoke and can send hot wax flying. A candle snuffer is a stylish way to extinguish your candle. It also prevents the wick from smoldering, which can cause soot buildup and a shorter burn time. Plus, they look like something straight out of a medieval castle, and who doesn’t want to feel royal while putting out their candle

Wick Dipper

Last but not least, we have the wick dipper. This tool may be lesser known, but it’s a game-changer. A wick dipper allows you to bend the wick into the wax, extinguishing the flame without any smoke or wax splatter. But wait, there’s more! A wick dipper also helps to center the wick, which prevents tunneling and ensures an even burn. And if you’re feeling grandiloquent, you can use it to create fun wax designs in your candle.

There you have it, folks — three must-have candle care accessories that will make you feel like the ultimate candle aficionado. So, grab your wick trimmer, candle snuffer, and wick dipper, and let’s get to burning!

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