Our Story

Wixology Candle Company was started by a group of friends with a passion for hand-crafted goods, sustainability and a commitment to community.

We launched in Fall 2016 by incorporating the spirit of Kentucky bourbon-based cocktails into a multifaceted product. Based on customer demand, we quickly expanded our line to include candles inspired by other classic cocktails as well.


We use 100% plant based wax, a special blend of coconut and soy. Additionally, we use phthalate-free fragrance oils and lead-free hemp-core wicks in all our products.

To encourage our customers to recycle their glass, we chose high quality, old-fashioned glasses, as well as other limited edition specialty glasses in our Small Batch Collection. These glasses can be reused as cocktail glasses or plain drinking glasses after the candle has been burned.

"We have a passion for hand-crafted goods, sustainability and a commitment to community"


In founding Wixology, we wanted to create more than a profitable business; we have a strong desire to support charitable organizations that benefit the community in a positive way and also share our enthusiasm for sustainability and education. A portion of all of our profits are donated to FoodChain.

FoodChain shares our vision for a sustainable future and has developed a unique problem-solving approach to bringing fresh, healthy food to an area whose residents had limited options.

Meet the Team 

Our team originally came together because James and Alex had a random meeting at Starbucks after connecting on LinkedIn based on a mutual interest in investing in real estate.

James and Alex introduced their wives, Kate and Lauren, to one another and lifetime friends were made. James and Alex had the idea to create bourbon-inspired candles and then Alex's brother Pat, our design guru, was added to the team! The rest is history!


James Vermillion

James Vermillion

Loves Watching Thoroughbred Racing, especially at Keeneland Racecourse
Can Find Any Excuse to Throw a Party
Perfect Nightcap: Glass of Bourbon & a Stogie


Kate Vermillion

Kate Vermillion

Majored in English Literature
Interested in All Things Natural Health and Beauty
Loves Farmers Markets


Alex Janesz

Alex Janesz

Nicknames: Waxy Al, AJ
Loves Reading “How To” Books 
Hobbies: Fishing & Beer Making


Lauren Janesz

Lauren Janesz

Can’t Resist: Candles, Stationery & Flowers
Caffeine of Choice: Matcha Green Tea Latte
Favorite Color - Green


Pat Janesz

Pat Janesz