From Candle to Cocktail: How to Clean Your Reusable Wixology Candle Glass!

Check out these easy step by step instructions for cleaning our your reusable candle glass for cocktails in less than 5 minutes!

Wixology Candle Glass

The first step is removing the outer label on the glass itself. We specifically chose a label that would easily peel off exactly for this purpose! 

Wixology Candle Co Easy Peel Label

Next you'll need to grab a spoon or a knife to remove any remaining wax from the bottom of the glass. A spoon works great because it allows you to get into the corners more easily. There is no need to freeze the candle first because the plant based wax is softer than a traditional paraffin candle, so no forgetting about the candle in the freezer and finding it a week later!

The wick tab is attached to the bottom of the glass with a small glue dot so you may need to use a small amount of pressure to pop it off with your utensil of choice. 

Don't forget to remove the warning label on the bottom of the candle. This should come off very easily with some scraping by a fingernail or utility razor blade. 

Now that you have spent a few minutes removing all the remaining candle labels and wax, it's time to clean your glass! A quick swipe with a paper towel can be helpful to remove residual wax. Otherwise, some simple dish soap and your normal sponge or brush should do the trick! 

For another level of clean, you can also choose to put your freshly cleaned glass in the top rack of the dishwasher. 

Now it's time to enjoy your new rocks glass for your favorite cocktail!

Our 7 oz rocks glasses also make great glasses for smoothies or juice, mini flower bouquets or anything else you might need to corral together in your home; q-tips, crayons, lip glosses etc! The possibilities are endless. And if you find that you do not need a glass for cocktails or around the house you can always donate them or recycle them as well. 
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