Impress Your Guests with Cocktail-Inspired Candles by Wixology Candle Co!

Are you hosting guests over the holidays? There are so many ways to prepare for guests, but a delightful smelling candle is a guaranteed cherry on top!

A couple hours before your guests arrive light a candle in the guest room. It will make the room smell delicious and it's a warm greeting when they come in to set down their bags. Choose your scent to match the decor or grab the one that's inspired by your guests' favorite cocktail!

Sidecar Cocktail-Inspired Candle

If you're a Wixology Candle Co fan and you already have a stash of empty rocks glasses from finished candles, place a couple out on the dresser along with some bottled water or a decanter of bourbon. This is a great touch to help them feel at home and ensure their comfort.

If these are guests that you don't often see you can put together a little goody bag for them to remember their stay. Throw in a couple of the votive sized candles of whichever scent you've been burning around the house. This will ensure that they have fond thoughts about their visit once they're home again! You'll be sure to get a thank you note in the mail!

Giftable Bourbon Ball Votive Candle

If you're not hosting overnight guests, but are just hosting a party, Wixology Candle Co candles makes the perfect finishing touch in any room. We especially like them in the bathroom. A candle makes a great little night light to help guests find the light switch! Bonus - it can also keep the bathroom smelling fresh without the overwhelming scent of just sprayed air freshener. 

Don't forget to place one or two in the dining room or the kitchen of course! Try two of the same candle or mix and match.

Happy Hosting!

- xoxo -

Wixology Candle Co Team

PS. If you're heading over to a friend's house for a party, don't forget to bring one as a thank you for hosting!
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