Our Keeneland Experience

Wixology Candle Company is excited to announce a collaboration with Keeneland, an iconic horse racing venue in Central Kentucky and one of the most beautiful in the world. Each of the Wixology Founders have enjoyed great times together at Keeneland, and it holds a special place in our hearts.

Our collaboration candle is titled the Keeneland Spritz, and features the fresh aromas of juniper and champagne. We are excited to bring this exclusive candle to the Keeneland Gift Shop beginning this April. We are so honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to work with the team at Keeneland on this special edition candle. 

This momentous occasion has made us reflective of the full experience which is the races at Keeneland. For any who have not yet experienced Keeneland please enjoy our poetic version of opening weekend at the Spring Meet {and please note, drinking bourbon makes us feel creative}. 

The Spring Meet at Keeneland marks the beginning of a new season. After a long cold winter it gently ushers us into the Kentucky springtime with its lush rolling landscapes, winding pathways and vibrantly colored grounds. The flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping loudly and the sky is cloudless overhead. You smell the dampness of the grass as you get out of your car, and feel a slight breeze on your face. The anticipation of April horse racing is unmistakable as the crowds gather in the parking lots to tailgate, which is a wonderful spectacle itself. Ladies pull out their pastel and floral dresses, and men don colorful bowties complimenting brightly colored shirts and carefully selected sport coats.

There is nothing quite like mingling with good friends, with the sun shining on your back and a finely crafted cocktail in your hand! Inside the gates, murmuring crowds fill the terraces and wide walkways, and the sweet comforting scent of cigar smoke lingers in the air. The red brick paddocks welcome the strutting thoroughbreds with trainers at their sides, showing off before the next race.

As you look onward from the stands, race program rolled in your hands, betting ticket in your pocket, you await the opening gun shot to mark the start of the first race. You watch intently as the muscular, shining, finely tuned thoroughbreds approach the gate, with their colorfully dressed companions atop, about to embark on a high-speed race. Nervousness sets in for the onlookers, and no doubt the jockeys that ride these beautiful animals.

The opening gun blast echoes loudly off the grandstands….and they’re off!! As the race begins, you carefully follow your horse with your eyes around the track making sure it doesn’t fall too far behind at the outset. Galloping hooves rumble throughout the park. The murmurs turn into loud shouting and eventually a roar as the horses turn for home and thunder past the finish line. You look at your ticket and then to the large video board to check and see if you have won…

It is at this special place, Keeneland Racecourse, where all our senses are engaged and thus becomes branded in our minds forever. Cheers to another Spring Meet.


Now make plans to visit as soon as possible. If you can’t make it to Keeneland in person you can visit the Keeneland Gift Shop to order a Wixology Keeneland Spritz candle and bring a little Keeneland magic to your own home.

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