Bluegrass Mule Candle (7 oz. glass) - Seasonal

Bluegrass Mule Candle (7 oz. glass) - Seasonal

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A "mule" or "buck" refers to a cocktail that contains a base spirit mixed with a flavored soda to deliver a hard kick upon first sip…and we put a Kentucky spin on a classic.  Our Bluegrass Mule candle delivers notes of sweet ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and vanilla bourbon, for a scintillating experience.  This one is destined to be a favorite, just like it’s delicious drinkable counterpart.

This Bluegrass Mule Cocktail inspired small-batch candle is made from premium coconut & soy blended wax. Poured by hand in Kentucky, USA. Cocktail recipe included. (Not currently available in votive size).  



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